Carbon footprint of Agriculture - CCAA/CSA Training Mauritius 2018

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Prof. B. Lalljee
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June, 2018
University of Mauritius
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Presentation 'Carbon footprint of Agriculture' by Prof. B. Lalljee, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mauritius.

Prof. Lalljee talks about

  • What is a carbon footprint?
  • Importance of carbon accounting
  • Emissions from agriculture and food
  • Greenhouse-gases from average food consumption
  • Methods of calculating the carbon footprint
  • What is climate-smart agriculture (CSA)?
  • CSA as key to Paris Agreement goals
  • CSA practices for reducing carbon footprint

Part of the training 'Tackling Climate Change in Agriculture: Approaches to Adaptation and Climate Smart Agriculture - Réduit, Mauritius'.

Climate Change Carbon Footprint GHG Adaptation Climate-smart Agriculture
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Prof. B. Lalljee
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mauritius

Lalljee, B. (2018). Carbon footprint of Agriculture. Presentation during 'Tackling Climate Change in Agriculture: Approaches to Adaptation and Climate Smart Agriculture' training in Réduit, Mauritius in June 2018.


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