The CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB)

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September, 2016
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The CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) is a broad alliance of research-for-development stakeholders and partners. The shared purpose is to tap the underutilized potential of root, tuber, and banana crops for improving nutrition and food security, increasing incomes and fostering greater gender equity – especially amongst the world’s poorest and most vulnerable populations. CGIAR is a global research partnership for a food-secure future. Its science is carried out by 15 Research Centers in close collaboration with hundreds of partners across the globe.

Root, Tubers, Bananas (RTB), Food Security, Nutrition, Income, Climate Change, Gender Equity, Smallholders
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CGIAR, The CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB). The CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) is working globally to harness the untapped potential of those crops in order to improve food security, nutrition, income, climate change resilience and gender equity of smallholders, 2016.

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