Common Weed Species and their Chemical Control in Conservation Agriculture (CA) Systems

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April, 2015

Dominant weed species in smallholder farming systems are broadleaved annuals and perennials, and grasses. The most common and difficult to control broadleaved weed species on smallholder farms are Commelina benghalensis (Wandering dew), Ricardia scabra (Mexican clover), Cyperus esculentis (Yellow nutsedge), Cyperus rotundus (Purple nutsedge) and Striga asiatica (Witchweed). The common grasses on smallholder farms are Eleusine indica (Rapoko grass) and Cynodon dactylon (Couch grass). These weed species are found in all agro- ecological regions of Zimbabwe and other southern African countries.

Weed species, Conservation Agriculture
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Common weed species and their chemical control in Conservation Agriculture (CA) systems. 2015-04-21. Mupangwa, W.; Thierfelder, C.. : 2 p.. Harare (Zimbabwe). CIMMYT. Series: Technical bulletin.

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