Controlling Newcastle disease in village chickens: a field manual

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Curated Content
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R Alders

P Spradbrow

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January, 2001
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This manual aims to present information that will enable veterinary departments and development agencies to implement a sustainable Newcastle Disease control program. Topics discussed include the characteristics of ND, collection and submission of samples for the diagnoses of ND, ND control measures emphasising vaccination with thermostable vaccines, gender and ethnoveterinary aspects of ND control and the development of an extension program for ND control.

Newcastle Disease control program, ND, Village chickens
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Alders, R., dos Anjos, F., Bagnol, B., Fumo, A., Mata, B. and Young, M. 2002. Controlling Newcastle Disease in Village Chickens: A Training Manual. ACIAR Monograph No. 87 128pp.


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