Enhancing Use of Orange Maize in Farming Communities of the Southern Africa

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Curated Content
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Malaidza, H.
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December, 2018
DARS, Malawi
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Deficiency in vitamin A is one of the most prevalent problems in Sub-Saharan African countries including Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique. The consequences of deficiency of vitamin A is high fatality rate (60%) but even sub-clinical deficiency is associated with a 23% increase in preschooler mortality in areas with endemic Vitamin A deficiency”. An array of solutions have been proposed to combat Vitamin A deficiency. These have included Vitamin A capsule administration campaigns in pre-schools and primary schools unfortunately this has left behind others.

Malawi, Maize, Agricultural Research and Extension, Pro-Vitamin A, Success story
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Hector Malaidza
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Ministry Of Agriculture

Malaidza, H.M. (2018). Enhancing Use of Orange Maize in Farming Communities of the Southern Africa . [online] Available at: http://dars.mw/index.php/2018/12/05/enhancing-use-of-orange-maize-in-far...

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