A Field Manual of Animal Diseases by Syndromes

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Curated Content
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Dr. Corrie Brown
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September, 2013
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This book presents transboundary animal diseases in a basic pictorial format. Hoping this helps everyone associated with animals to recognize these diseases so they can participate in the system of reporting them. Please use this book to further your knowledge about identifying and describing diseases so you can report them to your nearest local or national veterinary official. The sooner a transboundary animal disease is confirmed, the easier and cheaper it is to control it, and that is to the benefit of everyone.

Animal Disease Syndromes, Transboundary
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Completed as part of the USAID East Africa Region, AU-IBAR, USDA-FAS, Standard Methods and Procedures (SMP) Project in conjunction with University of Georgia, 2013. Department of Veterinary Pathology Athens, Georgia, USA.

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