How to Make and Use Compost

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Curated Content
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Sue Edwards

Hailu Araya

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September, 2011
Institute for Sustainable Development

The information in this guide to making and using compost has been developed from working with Ethiopian smallholder farmers since 1996, particularly in the dry and degraded highlands of northern Ethiopia. It is based on the Tigrinya booklet by Arefayne Asmelash (1994 EC/2002 GC), the ISD Project Of cer based in Mekele, Tigray. It is hoped that smallholder farmers and local agricultural experts in many parts of the world, and particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, will be able to identify and use the most appropriate and applicable method for making compost in their own areas.

Compost, Fertilizer, Soil
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Sue Edwards and Hailu Araya. Institute for Sustainable Development. ISD How to Make and Use Compost, 2011.

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