Impact chain Climate change impact chain for sorghum and millet

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January, 2014
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Weather is a key factor in agricultural productivity, despite many technological advances. Climate change, however, is leading to changes in global and regional climates and more extreme weather events which have severe impacts on the growth of key crops such as rice, maize, millet, sorghum, and coffee as well as on socio-economic activities associated with agriculture and distribution of food.
In view of this, the impact chain approach analyses and highlights the consequences induced by climate stimuli (see climate stimuli chart). In a second step, it shows the related biophysical and socio-economic impacts and identifies key adaptation measures to counteract the relevant stimuli (see impact chain).

Climate change; sorghum; millet; impact
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Michael Hoppe
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Impact chain Climate change impact chain for sorghum and millet. GIZ, Bonn and Eschborn, Germany, 2014.

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