Participatory Adaptation Handbook: Facilitation Cards

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Curated Content
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Noel Oettle

Bettina Koelle, Stephen Law, Shannon Parring, Ute Schmiedel,

Emma Archer van Garderen, Tsegaye Bekele

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October, 2015
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Climate change preparedness workshops can be held quarterly (every three months) for members of a group wanting to explore and engage with weather patterns, climate variability and change and related possible adaptation options. We suggest limiting the workshops to a few hours (for example starting early in the morning and closing with lunch for all participants). Ensure that the process of the workshop is geared to foster reflection and learning. Including interactive exercises that help people engage in a safe space is crucial. The workshop should be designed to fit the local context and should address and explore topics that really matter to people in the group. For inspiration regarding workshop elements you can explore the exercises described in this compilation of cards and place them in an order that would make sense to the group. Ensure that you vary energizers and more contents based exercises.

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The Adaptation Network,  EMG, CSAG, Indigo, CSIR, University of Hamburg – Biocentre Klein Flottbek and Botanical Garden

Climate, Adaptation
South Africa
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