Policy brief : opportunities and challenges for climate-smart agriculture in Africa

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Curated Content
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African Union

Government of the Republic of South Africa, CGIAR, IFAD, FAO, ProFor, UNEP, WFP, World Bank

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March, 2013

Climate-smart agriculture seeks to increase productivity in an environmentally and socially sustainable way, strengthen farmers' resilience to climate change, and reduce agriculture's contribution to climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing carbon storage on farmland. Climate-smart agriculture includes proven practical techniques-such as mulching, intercropping, conservation agriculture, crop rotation, integrated crop-livestock management, agroforestry, improved grazing, and improved water management-but also innovative practices such as better weather forecasting, early warning systems and risk insurance. Climate-smart agriculture fully incorporates attention to climate risk management. Climate-smart agriculture offers some unique opportunities to tackle food security, adaptation and mitigation objectives. African countries will particularly benefit from climate-smart agriculture given the central role of agriculture as a means to poverty alleviation and the major negative impacts that climate change is likely to have on the African continent.

Agriculture; climate-smart agriculture; international food policy research institute; adaptive capacity of farmers; Soil and Water Conservation; implications of climate change; food security goals; food production;

World Bank. 2013. Policy brief : opportunities and challenges for climate-smart agriculture in Africa (English). Washington DC : World Bank. http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/en/111461468202139478/Policy-brie...

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