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Date of Publication: Sep 2008
Agriculture can work in concert with other sectors to produce faster growth, reduce poverty, and sustain the environment. In this Report, agriculture consists of crops, livestock, agroforestry,...
Date of Publication: Jun 2008
Author: Sylvester O. Oikeh
The timeliness and quality of land preparation are critical to ricenproduction. NERICA varieties are no exception. Good soil tillage practices generally enhance efficient fertilizer-use, soil...
Date of Publication: Apr 2008
Author: SADC
This programme requires an institutional mechanism to undertake the programme. After extensive stakeholder consultation within the region, and a review of regional and international experience,...
Date of Publication: Jan 2008
Author: Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)
This leaflet explains how you can control Striga and stemborer at the same time, without using expensive chemicals.
Date of Publication: Dec 2007
Author: JACOBI, I.
Agriculture as the backbone of Namibia’s economy has a major role to play in achieving vision 2030. however, to be able to make a significant contribution towards the growth of the economy and...
Date of Publication: Oct 2007
Author: MC Laker
Throughout Africa indigenous and indigenised vegetables and fruit have sustained rural populations for many centuries. Through natural selection by survival under local environmental conditions...
Date of Publication: Oct 2007
Author: WS Jansen van Rensburg
In this article the term ‘African leafy vegetables’ was adopted to refer to the collective of plant species which are used as leafy vegetables and which are referred to as morogo or...
Date of Publication: Sep 2007
Author: B.A.M. Bouman
This manual provides an overview of technical response options to water scarcity. It focuses onwhat individual farmers can do at the eld level, with a brief discussion on response options at...
Date of Publication: May 2007
Author: Ben Bennett
This report came about as a result of the desire of Botswana non-state actors to understand the issues surrounding the management of the intellectual property associated with their biodiversity,...
Date of Publication: Dec 2006
Author: B.A.M. Bouman
This manual provides an overview of technical response options to water scarcity. It focuses on what individual farmers can do at the field level, with a brief discussion on response options at the...
Date of Publication: Nov 2006
Parmi les plantes à tubercule cultivées, les espèces appartenant au genre Dioscorea (famille des Dioscoreaceae), plus communément connues sous le nom d’ignames en français se concentrent...
Date of Publication: Nov 2006
Author: J.O Amarteifio
The mineral content of nine landraces of bambara groundnut cultivated in Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland respectively was investigated. The raw seeds were analysed for Ca, K, Mg, Na, P, Cu, Fe and Zn...
Date of Publication: Oct 2006
Author: MamyTiana RAJAONAH
A Madagascar, l’igname est une ressource alimentaire marginale mais néanmoins importante comme plante d’appoint pendant la période de soudure. Historiquement, les études botaniques sur...
Date of Publication: Oct 2006
Author: Ministry of Agro-Industry and Fisherie
This new National Forestry Policy for the development of the forest sector in Mauritius is the outcome of discussions and consultations with key stakeholders in government, civil society and other...
Date of Publication: May 2006
Author: Wilkson Makumba
A gliricidia–maize  simultaneous intercropping agroforestry system has shown to be a suitable option for soil fertility improvement and yield increase in highly populated areas of sub...
Date of Publication: Jan 2006
Author: Olaotswe Ernest Kgosikoma
A study was conducted to determine the influence of climate variability on livestock population dynamics in Kgalagadi district. Data on NAO, ENSO and SSTs indices were regressed and correlated...


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