The scientific basis of CSA - A systematic review protocol

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Curated Content
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Todd S. Rosenstock

Christine Lamanna, Sabrina Chesterman, Patrick Bell, Aslihan Arslan, Meryl Richards, Janie Rioux, Akinwale O. Akinleye,
Clara Champalle, Zhou Cheng, Caitlin Corner-Dolloff, Justin Dohn, William English, Anna-Sarah Eyrich, Evan H. Girvetz, Amber Kerr,Miguel Lizarazo, Anna Madalinska, Scott McFatridge, Katlyn S. Morris, Nictor Namoi, Anatoli Poultouchidou, Manuela Ravina da Silva,
Samir Rayess, Helena Ström, Katherine L. Tully, Wen Zhou

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February, 2016
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 ‘Climate-smart agriculture’ (CSA)—agriculture and food systems that sustainably increase food production, improve resilience (or adaptive capacity) of farming systems, and mitigate climate change when possible—has quickly been integrated into the global development agenda. However, the empirical evidence base for CSA has not been assembled, complicating the transition from CSA concept to concrete actions, and contributing to ideological disagreement among development practitioners. Thus, there is an urgent need to evaluate current knowledge on the effectiveness of CSA to achieve its intended benefits and inform discourse on food, agriculture, and climate change. This systematic review intends to establish the scientific evidence base of CSA practices to inform the next steps in development of agricultural programming and policy.

Climate-smart agriculture; adaptation; mitigation; synergies and trade-offs; meta-analysis
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Rosenstock TS, Lamanna C, Chesterman S, Bell P, Arslan A, Richards M, Rioux J, Akinleye AO, Champalle C, Cheng Z, Corner-Dolloff C, Dohn J, English W, Eyrich AS, Girvetz EH, Kerr A, Lizarazo M, Madalinska A, McFatridge S, Morris KS, Namoi N, Poultouchidou N, Ravina da Silva M, Rayess S, Ström H, Tully KL, Zhou W. 2016. The scientific basis of climate-smart agriculture: A systematic review protocol. CCAFS Working Paper no. 138. Copenhagen, Denmark: CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS).

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