A Toolkit and Reference Source Tree Seeds for Farmers

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Curated Content
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Roeland Kindt

Jens-Peter B. Lillesø, Anne Mbora, Jonathan Muriuki, Charles Wambugu. Will Frost, Jan Beniest, Anand Aithal, Janet Awimbo, Sheila Rao, and Christine Holding-Anyonge

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December, 2005
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In order to successfully disseminate agroforestry technologies, various hurdles that currently limit the scaling-up process must be tackled. The lack of tree seed, seedling and other planting materials (tree germplasm) is a major constraint to the scaling up of agroforestry innovations. Sustainable production of high-quality germplasm for a wide range of agroforestry species is the basis of a successful scaling-up process. Institutional and organizational procedures that are adequate and conducive to large-scale production and distribution of agroforestry seed are also needed.

Tree, Seed, Forestry, Farmers
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+ 254 20 7224000
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The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)

Kindt R., Lillesø J.P.B., Mbora A., Muriuki J., Wambugu C., Frost W., Beniest J., Aithal A., Awimbo J., Rao S., Holding-Anyonge C. 2006. Tree Seeds for Farmers: a Toolkit and Reference Source. Nairobi: World Agroforestry Centre.

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