Trainee Manual Introduced to Integrated Pest Management

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Curated Content
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Crop Life International
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October, 2008
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This handbook has been prepared by CropLife International as part of a training course on Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The objective of the course is to provide an overall understanding of the concepts of IPM, together with the principles for implementation in all crops. In this handbook, and during the course, it is assumed that participants are aware of IPM, but are not fully familiar with the concepts, and practical principles of implementation.

The handbook contains all the information that should be presented in the training course, together with some additional background information.

The main target groups of the course are pesticide retailers and agricultural extension officers, although farmers could also be included. With the understanding of IPM provided by the course, participants should be able to understand the practical implementation of IPM in actual farm and crop situations.

Pest Management, Crop Management, Chemical Control, Pesticides, Environment
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Crop Life

Crop Life, 2018. Trainee Manual Introduced to Integrated Pest Management.

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