Water management in irrigated rice: Coping with water scarcity

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Curated Content
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B.A.M. Bouman

R.M. Lampayan, and T.P. Tuong

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December, 2006
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This manual provides an overview of technical response options to water scarcity. It focuses on what individual farmers can do at the field level, with a brief discussion on response options at the irrigation system level. The manual is meant as a support document for training on water management in rice production. It combines scientific background information (with many literature references for further reading) with practical suggestions for implementation. The target audience is people involved in agricultural extension or training with an advanced education in agriculture or water management, who wish to introduce sound water management practices to rice farmers (such as staff of agricultural colleges and universities, scientists, irrigation operators, and extension officers).

Water Management; Rice; Water Scarcity
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+63 (2) 580-5600
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Bouman BAM, Lampayan RM, Tuong TP. 2007. Water management in irrigated rice: coping with water scarcity. Los Ba

ños (Philippines): International Rice Research Institute. 54 p

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