António David

Agronomy Research Institute
Reseach Assitant
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António Ndengoloka David, is a senior researcher at the Agronomic Research Institute in Angola. António has more 15 years working at Agronomic Research Institute in the field of horticulture and legumes. Recently his research has focused on examining yield increases and nutritional value of cowpeas. António has Bachelors Degree in agronomic engineering from Havana Agrarian University and holds a Master’s in genetic and plant breeding at Puerto Rico University in 2011. The importance of cowpeas and other legumes can not be understated as they are a staple of rural Angolan families diets. These legumes are used to substitute expensive meat due to their high protein content. Mr David's research is concentrated on these staples investigating possible drought tolerance and disease resistance varieties, as well as opportunities to increase nutritional value.  
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