Sostino Júnior Mocumbe

Mozambique Agricultural Research Institute
Communications Specialist
Sostino Júnior Mocumbe, is a Communications Specialist at the Mozambique Agricultural Research Institute in which currently is heading the Communication and Marketing Unit. Sostino has more than 10 years working experience in the field of communication in both public and private sectors. His research is more focused on developing innovative communication mechanisms for sharing knowledge with farmers in rural areas. Recently, he conducted a field experience with a multidisciplinary team and found animated videos delivered via mobile phones to be effective as a complement or replacement for the traditional extension face-to-face training. His educational background includes a degree in Social Communications, specialized in Marketing and Advertisement from the School of Journalism of Mozambique and a Master in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Iowa State University, USA. Also a degree in Sociology with the Eduardo Mondlane University, which enriches his communications methodologies, mainly in developing communication products focused on stimulating action and/or behavioral change. Mr. Mocumbe’s strengths include: Persuasion Strategies; Mass Communication theoretical approaches; Communication for Social Change and Development; Decision Making Strategies; Digital video production; Mobile phones for knowledge sharing; and Web & Social Media communication.
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