Prof Adrien Kalonji-Mbuyi

Member of Program Committee

Prof. Mbuyi holds a P.h.D in Agricultural Sciences. He was a lecturer in Agricultural sciences since 1993 with University of Kinshasa. Lecturer at several Universities in DRC (Kinshasa, Lubumbashi and Bas Congo and Mbujimayi. He leads research teams in the field of sustainable management of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture (production and crop protection). In the field of research, he has done the following: (1) Study of tropical plant diseases; (2) Development of strategies for combating plant diseases; (3) Evaluation of the behaviour of the different germplasm used alone or in combination in coffee cultures with respect to biotic stress, such as diseases and insects; (4) Development of long term strategies based on generic resistance and environmental approaches in the DRC; (5) Technical evaluation of agricultural projects epidemiological surveillance of tropical diseases. Member of the Boards of evaluation of submissions from students enrolled in the graduate programme for the advanced degrees in Agronomy (Master and PhD). Member of the juries of the memoirs of registered students in the second cycle of engineer agronomist programme evaluation, licence in biology. Researcher and author of several published (refereed) research papers in the area of agronomy and plant protection. He has also edited books. His area of expertise: (1) Writing feasibility studies reports; (2) Analysis and control of studies of agricultural projects; (3) Design and implementation of observatories of agricultural sectors; (4) Monitoring evaluation and control of projects

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