Promoting Science and Technology for Agricultural Development (PSTAD) is a six year project (2007-2013 with possibility for extension) which falls under FARA’s Access to Knowledge and Technologies function. It is undertaken in partnership with Sub-regional Organisations (SROs), CORAF, ASARECA and CCARDESA and National Agricultural Research Institutes (NARs) of participating countries. CCARDESA is responsible for the project in the SADC region where the following countries are taking part; Malawi, Zambia, Lesotho; Angola, Madagascar, and Mozambique. It comprises two sister projects the Dissemination of New Agricultural Technologies in Africa (DONATA) and the Regional Agricultural Information and Learning Systems (RAILS). The broad objectives of the project are to:

  • Build research knowledge management capacity within participating national systems of Africa
  • Establish pathways for dissemination of improved technologies and good agricultural practices across the continent

DONATA’s purpose is to capture relevant lessons and develop effective trans-boundary partnerships and investments for the dissemination of high-potential technologies. It promotes the adoption of research proven agricultural technologies (varieties and practices) in the region. Activities done under DONATA are:

  • Establishing Platforms to promote technology spread and utilisation
  • Providing relevant Inputs & Equipment to facilitate learning & adoption at the platforms
  • Supporting knowledge & skills acquisition through long - & short-term training
  • Promoting sharing of lessons & success stories

RAILS objectives are:

  • To undertake advocacy to encourage increased investment in agricultural information systems (AIS) by African governments and institutions;
  • To improve access to information and the ability of African stakeholders to contribute to global agricultural knowledge;
  • To facilitate synergies by linking African information conduits to global providers of agricultural information; and
  • To develop an African platform for agricultural information and learning systems. 
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