UniBRAIN is a FARA programme in which CCARDESA is a partner.  The project promotes innovation by improving the flow of technology and knowledge by removing barriers between actors in the value chains.

UniBRAIN links university education, research and business in sustainable agriculture, with the following objectives:

1. To develop and implement collaborative programmes fostering innovation among universities, research institutions and the private sector.

2. To strengthen African agricultural innovation systems, which are expected to deliver the new and improved technologies that are required to improve agricultural productivity

3. To develop and implement improved and better contextualised undergraduate and postgraduate agribusiness teaching and learning.

4. To facilitate exchange of experiences and sharing of resources and knowledge.

One of the key elements of  UniBRAIN are Agribusiness Innovation Incubators which  function as training, research and advisory centres for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), start-ups and enterprises undertaking change and innovation. They are also businesses in their own right providing problem solving, testing and validation, and business development services to innovators and agribusinesses. UniBRAIN promotes a value chain approach so that the incubators will be able to support innovations to address constraints and opportunities at any point in the value chain. As such, the term private enterprise encompasses entrepreneurs and innovators across the board, including but not limited to farmers and producers associations, input suppliers and produce buyers, processors and marketers. (Click here for more)

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