Fostering the use of rainwater for small-scale irrigation in Sub-Saharan Africa - A regional baseline study in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Zimbabwe

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Curated Content
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J. Trichneria

N. Adhiambo, S. Bila, B. Cuamba, D. Dawit, W. Leal, A. Leão, B.M. Magonziwa, M. Malesu, S. Ngigi, E. Nissen-Petersen, G. Nyamadzawo, J. Nyamangara, A. Oduor, S. Sisenando, J. Pereira, N. Oguge, F. Oremo, B. Simane, T. Tulu, M. Wuta.

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January, 2016
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This report is part of the AFRHINET project under the ACP-EU Cooperation Programme in Science and Technology (S&T II). The overall aims of the project are to enhance options for sustainable integration of rainwater harvesting for irrigation through understanding adoption constraints and developing networks for capacity building and technology transfer.

The main goal of the baseline study was to conduct a capacity and technology transfer assessment in the field of rainwater harvesting for irrigation management. The national baseline studies were conducted through an extensive literature review, in-depth key informant interviews with representatives of stakeholder institutions and experts in the field of rainwater harvesting management and small-scale irrigation. Relevant information was also collected in the field and during national multi-stakeholder workshops, where information and experiences of relevant stakeholders was shared.

Rainwater Small Scale Irrigation sub-Sahara Africa
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J. Trincheria

De Trincheria et al. (2016). Fostering the Use of Rainwater for Small-Scale Irrigation in Sub-Saharan Africa. AFRHINET Project. Hamburg University Applied Sciences, Hamburg, Germany.

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