ICKM Focal Points

National Focal Points are individuals who link CCARDESA to each of it's Member State countries. National Focal Points serve as institutional champions within Member States and serve to link interested people or parties with CCARDESA, mobilising content, catalysing relationships, and identifying opportunities for sharing knowledge among stakeholders.
Researcher and Head of Technology Transfer Department
Institute of Agriculture Research of Mozambique
Communication & Monitering Expert
Ministry of Agriculture
Head of Division of Plant Clinics in the Plant Protection Directorate
Ministry of Agriculture
Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Research Officer
Ministry of Agriculture
Advisory Services & Digital Information Manager
Agriculture Research Council (ARC)

Ms Dorcas Kabuya

Agricultural Information Officer
Ministry of Agriculture
Socioeconomic Researcher & Executive Secretary
Agricultural Research Institute of Mozambique (IIAM)
Reseach Assitant
Agronomy Research Institute
Head of Department
Ministry of Agriculture
Public Relations
Ministry of Agriculture Development and Food Security
Chief Research Officer
Department of Agricultural Research
Principal Agricultural Information Officer
Department of Agriculture and Food Security
Consultant ICT4D
Agricultural Research Council of Zimbabwe
Agricultural Scientific Officer
Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Forestry
Assistant Land Officer & GIS
Seychelles Agricultural Agency (SAA)
Public Relations Manager
Ministry of Fisheries & Agriculture

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