Directors of Research

Full Name Institution Country Position
Amilcar Mateus O. Salumbo Instituto De Investigacao Agronomica Angola Director of Research
Dr Olga Fafetine IIAM Mozambique Director of Research
Dr Wilkson Makumba Department of Agricultural Research Services - Ministy of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Malawi Director of Agricultural Research Services
Dr. Geoffrey Mkamilo Agricultural Research Institute Tanzania Director General of Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute
Dr. Lefulesele Lebesa Ministry of Agriculture and Foods Security Lesotho Director of Research
Dr. Nelson Charles Seychelles Agricultural Agency Seychelles Director of Agriculture Research
Dr. Pharoah Mosupi Ministry of Agriculture - Department of Research Botswana Director of Agriculture Research
Dr. S. Ganeshan Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute Mauritius Chief Executive Officer
J.L.N. Sikosana Department of Research and Specialist Services Zimbabwe Director of Research
Mr Peter Lungu Ministry of Agriculture Zambia Director of Agricultural Research
Ms Mmaserame Macucwa Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries South Africa Director of Research and Technology Development
Ms. J.F.N Andowa Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry Namibia Director of Research and Training
Similo Mavimbela Ministry of Agriculture Eswatini Director of Agriculture Research

International Cooperating Partners


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