Institutional Development and Capacity Building

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The generation of appropriate technology and its dissemination is essential to ensure increased agricultural productivity. However, this requires effective institutions which can make strong individual contributions to the process of increasing agricultural productivity.

Agricultural education and training (AET) is a critical investment to create the necessary changes needed in agricultural systems. Although there is a substantial unmet demand at all levels in both public and private sectors for skilled individuals, opportunities exist within the region to help meet some of these needs. A regional approach to AET can be a powerful tool for SADC institutions to respond to common challenges. In the case of agriculture, capacity building must address the needs of smallholder farmers, colleges offering practical certificate and diploma programmes, and university level training, including post-graduate training.

Building human and social capital to improve agricultural productivity requires increased and improved knowledge and information-sharing through effective use of communication methods, media channels and processes.

CCARDESA’s institutional development focuses on reinforcing the capacity of agricultural institutions and relevant regional organisations to generate, allocate and use human and financial resources effectively to attain development objectives, public or private.

There is also need to build farmers’ capacity to interpret information in order for them to make informed decisions and to strengthen their negotiating skills. In this regard, the use of ICT has considerable potential as a vehicle for promoting stakeholders’ access to information. ICT can be harnessed to help them participate more actively in national economic and social development.

In response to these needs CCARDESA aims to undertake the following:

  • Assist in institutional development and capacity building in research, technology generation and advisory services
  • Enhance networks and partnerships in agricultural education and training, including training of smallholder farmers, technical level training (certificate and diploma) and university level training for effective well-coordinated research, extension and agricultural education programs.
  • Identify from regional learning systems models / governance frameworks that support R&D innovations.
  • Facilitate implementation of learning systems that support regional R&D innovation and training.
  • Build effective partnerships and networks at different levels within the region
  • Support SADC countries in the development of Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Programmeinvestment plans

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