Literature Reveiw: Assessing the contributions of conservation agriculture to building resilience to drought

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Kizito Mazvimavi
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August, 2018
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This literature review summarises theory and evidence of the contribution of conservation agriculture (CA) to resilence in the event of drought. A resilient agricultural system is able to continue to function and provide essential ecosystem services, such as food provisioning, following an external shock. If drought occurs, a more resilient system should o er higher productivity and food security. The review asks whether CA improves productivity and food security when rainfall is poor, and what aspects of CA contribute most to these benefits. The review will guide the design of a eld study on the impacts of CA after the 2015/16 El Nino drought in southern Africa.

Conservation Agriculture; CA; Resilience
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Vuna Africa
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+27 12 342 3819
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Vuna Africa

Mazvimavi, Kizito. 2016. Conservation Agriculture Literature Review. Vuna Research Report. Pretoria: Vuna. Online:

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