Report on Climate-Smart Agriculture Manual Second Workshop in Zimbabwe

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Todd Ngara

Elisha N. Moyo

Raymond E. Zvavanyange

Desire Nemashakwe

Kudzai Ndidzano

Francis B. Vengai

Lovemore Vambe

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December, 2016
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The overall objective of the Second Climate-Smart Agriculture Manual for Agriculture Education Workshop was to gather critical feedback on the draft chapters in the climate-smart agriculture manual by the recruited consultants. The Workshop also sought to lay the foundation for subsequent work on the climate-smart agriculture strategy and policy framework, specific activities described in the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) Technical Assistance Response Plan. The Second National Workshop albeit the first in a series of the formal review process is not the last activity as the review process will continue in early 2017 to include further adjustments within the chapters, stakeholder and technical validation, and final approval by the Government of Zimbabwe of the completed climate-smart agriculture manual.

The participants who attended the Second National Workshop were from various backgrounds such as climate change, agriculture, and food security. They clearly expressed their doubts, appreciation, and suggestions in the ten presented chapters by the recruited consultants. The chapters were put into four groups namely: Productive sector, Environment, Cross-cutting Issues/policy, and Systems Thinking. The consultants openly received both positive and negative criticism, and subsequently indicated their resolve to revise the chapters. The Workshop also set the precedence for possible partnership with other local and international funded programmes in the country, much of which hinges of the completed climate-smart agriculture manual. Participants recommended for the work ahead paying attention to the requirement that the completed manual should be as practical and relevant as possible primarily to Diploma students in agricultural colleges.

Climate Smart Agriculture Education
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Todd Ngara (PhD)
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+45 4533 5291
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Technical University of Denmark, Department of Management Engineering, United Nations City

Ngara, T., Moyo, E.N., Zvavanyange, R.E., Nemashakwe, D., Ndidzano, K., Vengai, F.B., and Vambe, L. (2016). Proceedings of the 2nd National Stakeholders Consultation and Review of Draft Climate-Smart Agriculture Manual for Agricultural Education in Zimbabwe Workshop held at Cresta Oasis Hotel, Harare, Zimbabwe on December 15, 2016. Harare: Climate Technology Centre and Network


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