Contribute to the CCARDESA ICKM System

CCARDESA welcomes contributions for individuals who are willing to volunteers to act as knowledge champions catalysing relationships and the mobilisation of content at national-level.


  • A comprehensive understanding of the agricultural institutional landscape in your country;
  • An understanding of roles and responsibilities of different actors and stakeholders in the agriculture sector;
  • Ability to communicate in a minimum of one of the official languages of SADC – English, French or Portuguese; and
  • A growing or established network of contacts and associates in the agricultural sector.


  • Periodic (every two months) contact with CCARDESA, national departments of agriculture, deans of agriculture, national directors of extension,
  • Review national and regional media for information that may be relevant to CCARDESA stakeholders;
  • Identification of opportunities to mobilise agricultural knowledge content;
  • Communication with the CCARDESA Secretariat and ICKM Unit to share relevant content for curation; and
  • Submission of resources, and completion of supporting metadata.

If you wish to be considered for evaluation as a CCARDESA National Focal Point, please complete the following form:

Please submit your CV for consideration.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.


CCARDESA and its partners will acknowledge and credit all submissions of original work.

CCARDESA will, where possible, engage National Focal Points in regional and national events, committing to cover travel and subsistence costs where necessary/possible.


This is not a salaried position and is entirely voluntary.

Acceptance of this submitted form is in no way an offer of employment or payment for services.

CCARDESA in no way commits to engaging parties submitting through this form.

Information submitted in the form will remain confidential, but may be used to communicate with you, and/or in internal processes.

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