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Date of Publication: May 2009
Author: Victoria Ndeke
Maize is a third important cereal crop in the world after wheat and rice. In Zambia, it is an important staple crop. Its production is however hampered by both biotic and abiotic factors. Among the...
Date of Publication: Feb 2009
The evidence for global climate change, largely as a result of human activities that produce greenhouse gas emissions, is overwhelming. There is rapidly growing consensus among global climate model...
Date of Publication: Dec 2008
Author: Orwa C
The Agroforestree Database provides information on the management, use and ecology of a wide range of tree species which can be used in agroforestry.While the database provides information on native...
Date of Publication: Nov 2008
Author: A.K. Serem
Cocoyam production has the potential of significantly improving the food security status and income levels of farmers in the Lake Victoria region. The study covered various areas of the three East...
Date of Publication: Oct 2008
Author: Filloux D.
Pour accompagner le développement actuel de la culture des ignames à Madagascar, l’estimation de la prévalence et la caractérisation partielle des viroses présentes sur les ignames cultivées de...
Date of Publication: Oct 2008
Author: McEwan Ronalda
Colocasia esculenta L. Schott belongs to the family Aracea and is grown for its edible corms as a staple food throughout subtropical and tropical regions of the world. Amadumbe (the Zulu name for...
Date of Publication: Oct 2008
Author: Crop Life International
This handbook has been prepared by CropLife International as part of a training course on Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The objective of the course is to provide an overall understanding of the...
Date of Publication: Sep 2008
Agriculture can work in concert with other sectors to produce faster growth, reduce poverty, and sustain the environment. In this Report, agriculture consists of crops, livestock, agroforestry,...
Date of Publication: Jun 2008
Author: Sylvester O. Oikeh
The timeliness and quality of land preparation are critical to ricenproduction. NERICA varieties are no exception. Good soil tillage practices generally enhance efficient fertilizer-use, soil...
Date of Publication: Apr 2008
Author: SADC
This programme requires an institutional mechanism to undertake the programme. After extensive stakeholder consultation within the region, and a review of regional and international experience,...
Date of Publication: Jan 2008
Author: Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)
This leaflet explains how you can control Striga and stemborer at the same time, without using expensive chemicals.
Date of Publication: Dec 2007
Author: JACOBI, I.
Agriculture as the backbone of Namibia’s economy has a major role to play in achieving vision 2030. however, to be able to make a significant contribution towards the growth of the economy and...
Date of Publication: Oct 2007
Author: WS Jansen van Rensburg
In this article the term ‘African leafy vegetables’ was adopted to refer to the collective of plant species which are used as leafy vegetables and which are referred to as morogo or...
Date of Publication: Oct 2007
Author: MC Laker
Throughout Africa indigenous and indigenised vegetables and fruit have sustained rural populations for many centuries. Through natural selection by survival under local environmental conditions...
Date of Publication: Sep 2007
Author: B.A.M. Bouman
This manual provides an overview of technical response options to water scarcity. It focuses onwhat individual farmers can do at the eld level, with a brief discussion on response options at...
Date of Publication: May 2007
Author: Ben Bennett
This report came about as a result of the desire of Botswana non-state actors to understand the issues surrounding the management of the intellectual property associated with their biodiversity,...


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